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Alterations and repairs made super easy and to perfection, we are taking the alteration and garment refashioning to the 21st Century! From simple alterations to the complete revamp of your garment, we can do it all. We are the best at repairing and mending damaged clothes and can literally restyle your entire wardrobe if you like!

Simply because we also believe can be greener and circular with how we consume fashion and this means to be generally sustainable with shopping and prolonging the life of your precious garments.


This small change really makes a huge difference While looking after the environment feels like a responsibility far greater than the individual, it’s never been more important that we all play a part. We know that the ‘make do and mend’ mantra means we have no excuse to throw things out. But where do we go for those alterations to give our clothes a new lease of life at every seasons? #ABO

Alterations by Olaide equipped with one 20years of tailoring experts can be trusted without finest and most sensitive pieces. Our tailors and seamstresses are capable of working in a variety material, including leather, fur, demon, wool, velvet, lace, bridal gown, appliqué and much more. Whether you need a bridesmaid dress tailored, or menswear alteration; you’re in the right hands.

We also offer made to measure services (in case you want to refashion an already made garment!) You name it, if it involves a needle and a thread, we can do it!


It only takes a little bit of creativity to turn your clothes into an exclusive wardrobe that’s unique to you. Alterations by Olaide is a team of passionate seamstresses with over twenty years’ experience in haute-couture and dressmaking who have incredible attention to detail. Here are a few things our couturiers specialise in:

* Mending/Repairs 

* Restyling and refashioning

* Personalisation

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What Our Clients Say

The most fantastic service in Nigeria, not only is she the sweetest person to work with, she was also super professional. When Laide got my dress, I had completely given up on my dress, and had started looking for a back up, but she went above and beyond to make sure I loved it, and made every single change I asked for and adjusted things even I didn’t notice. I would use her over and over and over again.
Muni. S
Highly professional; punctual; and very knowledgeable! Would definitely recommend them for all your alternation needs!
Lape Oyebanjo
Great ambience and service. I recommend trying them out 👍
Dolapo Fabunmi